Have you ever wanted
to be a superhero?

Map five thousand terms in 30 seconds.
...Cape not included

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You can re-invent the wheel
or get in the fast lane

Terminology management tools and
run-time APIs that will empower your
healthcare solution

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When life gives you 'lemons'...  
What UNII code would youmap it to?

Help your application understand the
language of healthcare...
Standard, third party, local and even free text

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When was the last time a map
told you "I'm Sorry"?

Our run-time mapping services monitor 
and route exceptions before they
become service failures

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Your User Interface is NOT 
a Treasure Map

Terminology search services...
the fastest route to where
'X' marks the spot

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I need to

manage terminologies

accurately and efficiently

The importance of managing terminologies has intensified and can no longer be thought of as an occasional event. Let us show you how Clinical Architecture solutions enable the real-time, proactive management of terminologies, updates, maps and even complex conceptual relationships in an accurate and efficient manner.

I need to

normalize clinical data

for comparison and analytics

Aggregating clinical data from disparate sources only becomes meaningful when stored using a common basis for understanding. Let us show you how Clinical Architecture solutions normalize structured data and free text entries into standardized domain patterns for easy comparison and improved analytics. 

I need to

exchange information

that is actionable

Many options exist for sharing information through systems interfaces, but transmitting data in non-native terminology sets is no different than passing free text. Let us show you how Clinical Architecture solutions dynamically transform terminologies at run-time so the information exchanged is machine readable and actionable. 

Customer Spotlight

InteliChart Selects Symedical® to Improve Clinical Data Exchange

InteliChart selects Symedical® to improve the way it represents, stores, processes and shares administrative and clinical data with different systems, which will result in the exchange of more meaningful data.

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Industry Challenges

  • ARRA Meaningful Use

    >> ARRA Meaningful Use

    Achieving “Meaningful Use” has immediate and long term implications for healthcare providers. System vendors have responded aggressively to make their applications ARRA-compliant. However, a very challenging hurdle remains. Healthcare applications will soon be required to generate and consume continuity of care documents (CCDs) containing machine readable, discretely coded patient data. Clinical Architecture solutions clear this hurdle by automating the management and translation of the terminologies used in CCDs. Learn How
  • Local Term Mapping

    >> Local Term Mapping

    Thousands of local healthcare applications have been designed to meet the specific, self-contained needs of individual users or departments. “Homegrown” terminologies make perfect sense to local users but have no way of mapping to newly required standards for reporting and data exchange. "Clinical Architecture solutions are bridging this communication gap in efficient and sustainable ways. Learn How
  • ICD10 Conversion

    >> ICD10 Conversion

    The conversion from ICD9 coding to the much more descriptive ICD10 that is required by October 2015 has significant implications for care delivery and reimbursement.  The change greatly complicates how healthcare applications capture data and how historical information can be interpreted. Traditional approaches to terminology management cannot support the scale of a change of this magnitude, but Clinical Architecture solutions can. Learn How
  • Quality Reporting

    >> Quality Reporting

    Incentives and soon penalties will be applied based on the reporting of quality measures defined by the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and the National Quality Forum (NQF). Providers are responsible for identifying patients in the reporting group and determining if they’ve received the targeted intervention. Clinical Architecture solutions can normalize the needed information from disparate sources to accurately meet these reporting requirements. Learn How