From The Road to Precision Medicine Blog Series - Part IV "It's About Time"

Understanding Rx Norm

SNOMED-CT Essentials and Core Subset Overview (2009)

Provides a high level overview of the SNOMED-CT terminology data files.

SNOMED-CT to ICD9 Mapping Files (2009)

Provides a high level overview of how you can use the option SNOMED-CT cross map file to help with mapping to ICD9-CM codes.


Product Spotlight

Symedical® - The architectural solution for terminology integration

Terminology your weakest link?
Even the best healthcare systems can only perform up to the lowest level of interoperability they support.

Set your applications free with Symedical®, the only fully integrated, high performance run-time terminology solution that monitors itself, tells you when there is a problem and even helps you fix it quickly!

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